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Your Happy Nest | Match With The Perfect Nanny For Your Family

A sleeping newborn baby lays in a wooden bucket in a wreath of flowers

As a mom myself, I know how necessary it is to have a break. We’re all so overworked and stressed out, and sometimes, it can be hard to catch our breath and find the opportunity just to relax. This is why I’m all about companies such as Your Happy Nest. Whether you need a babysitter for a date night or are looking for someone to watch your child daily so you can go to work, it’s vital to ensure you find a trustworthy caregiver. Your Happy Nest provides the tools to do just that. With this amazing company, you’ll have all the help you need to take on parenting!

About Your Happy Nest

Your Happy Nest came from an idea founder Bayly Silverman had in 2012. Bayly was living in Atlanta, Georgia while working as a nanny when she became a parent herself. She thought about how complicated the process of hiring a nanny could be and decided to make a change. 

She expanded the business to several cities while working to build up a team of wonderful women ready to help out families. The agency is now a member of the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies, where Bayly sits on the board. Their mission is to ensure each family receives their perfect nanny. 

A smiling newborn baby sleeps in a wicker basket and white swaddle your happy nest


Your Happy Nest provides both short-term and long-time care for your little one. Each care provider has been thoroughly screened. They’ve undergone background screenings and reference checks. They are also all CPR and First Aid certified. Through Your Happy Nest, you’ll begin a process to make sure you’re matched with the right caregiver. You’ll create a profile, go through a consultation, review profiles, and interview candidates before you select a caregiver. 

The agency provides short-term caregivers to watch your children during travel, throughout a vacation, and for special events. They’ll also work as night nurses so you can get the rest you need while caring for a newborn. Their long-term nannies excel at creating routines and ensuring your child thrives. With Your Happy Nest, you’ll have the very best help!

A newborn baby sleeps on a moon above water with flowers on either side your happy nest


Your Happy Nest has several specialists who make parenthood a bit easier. They provide family assistants to run errands, help set routines for kids, assist with homework, and complete light housework. They also provide household managers to make your home run a little smoother. 

They’ll take care of meal prep and cooking, planning events such as your child’s birthday party, scheduling appointments, caring for your pets, and much more. Their unrivaled help will allow you to relax and enjoy parenthood!

Your Happy Nest

Parenthood is a full-time job with few breaks. Through Your Happy Nest, you’ll have all the help you need so you can have the chance to unwind. Whether you need a full-time aide or a night out, Your Happy Nest has the professional for you! 

I love bonding with my clients, whether discussing parenthood or swapping recommendations. I provide full-service photography sessions that will give you gorgeous memories of this stage in life. I’d love to connect if you’re considering scheduling some family pictures! Contact me today to find out more.

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