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Prenatal Massage in Charleston SC | 4 Experts in Relaxation

A mother to be in a blue maternity gown stands in a studio holding her bump with both hands while her train flows around her prenatal massage charleston sc

Being pregnant is hard work! You go through body changes, experience typical pregnancy symptoms and discomforts, and the emotional rollercoasters, all while you still live your life?! You deserve pampering and NEED time for self-care, like a massage. A Prenatal massage is more than just an appointment of relaxation; it offers many benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety, easing muscle tension and soreness, improving circulation, and more. All while helping to alleviate common pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, headaches, and swelling. If you want the best Prenatal Massage in Charleston, SC, these places are where you want to start!

Prenatal Massage in Charleston, SC: 4 Experts You Need to Know

A pregnant woman sits on a dark wooden chair in a studio while wearing a green maternity gown off her shoulders

Salt Spa & Yoga

Give your changing body the attention and care it deserves at Salt Spa & Yoga. A licensed massage therapist performs their prenatal massage; their therapists have had specialized training to provide safe, beneficial, customized massages perfect for expecting mothers. Their therapist will tailor your experience to meet your unique needs while focusing on areas of your changing body most affected by pregnancy. For ultimate relaxation and safety, their prenatal massage features unique tables. These tables are specifically designed for pregnancy and include added cushions for support so you can comfortably lay on your side.

Urban Nirvana

When it comes to pregnancy discomforts, some days are better than others. At Urban Nirvana, they understand that some days you just need more care. That’s why they offer different levels of prenatal massages, such as their standard and master prenatal massages. They also have them for varying lengths: 30 minutes, 60 minutes, and 90 minutes. Their specially-designed massage tables allow you to live face down during your massage. One of their experienced massage therapists will deliver your therapeutic, much-deserved, and wholly customized massage!

A mom to be in a shiny top and flowing dress stands in a studio with a hand on her bump and one on her back prenatal massage charleston sc

Body Revelations Wellness

Focusing on the structural body system to release tension within the muscles, the massage therapist at Body Revelations Wellness strives to tailor each massage to your unique needs and concerns. Their experienced and knowledgeable practitioners will meet your relaxation needs while targeting pregnancy areas that need the most attention. When you’re done, you can share those wonderful happy hormones with your baby and bond before they arrive. Their massages also help to facilitate quick healing after the baby arrives! 


Promote wellness, relieve stress and tense muscles, and boost your overall mood with a prenatal massage at Woodhouse. Their massage therapist will customize your experience with gentle pressure and soothing strokes. Using various techniques and special pillows and props, this massage will improve circulation, reduce swelling, combat other pregnancy discomforts, and bring relaxation. Woodhouse aims to give you the perfect massage to enjoy your prenatal journey.

Prenatal Massage in Charleston, SC

Booking your Prenatal Massage in Charleston, SC, is like thanking your mind and body for their hard work! 

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