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Prenatal Yoga Charleston Studios for Support Communities

A mother to be stands in a studio wearing a purple maternity gown that is flowing all around her prenatal yoga charleston

When you’re pregnant, your life begins to revolve around your baby. It can even become consuming, thinking about baby names, preparations, safety, and so much more. That’s why pausing and taking a moment for yourself is important. Practicing prenatal yoga is a fantastic way to refocus your mind, spirit, and soul on your incredible body that is hard at work growing another human. With gentle stretches, quiet meditation, and the foundation of a community of expectant mamas, prenatal yoga is all about preparing you – as your own unique, human individual – for this incredible journey called motherhood. Here are some excellent options for prenatal yoga in Charleston to check out! 

3 Prenatal Yoga Charleston Studios Offering Various Beneficial Classes

Satsang Yoga Charleston

With no mirrors and no dress code, Satsang Yoga Charleston has created a welcoming, non-judgmental environment for yogis of all ages and abilities to come to their mats to practice. In addition to being a skilled yoga practitioner, owner Andrea Boyd is also a birth doula and a prenatal yoga instructor. Satsang Yoga’s prenatal courses bring together expectant mothers to create a spiritual community where women can embrace the splendor of growing a baby. 

As a participant, you’ll practice conscious pregnancy, utilizing mental and physical tools that will serve you far beyond your delivery. At Satsang Yoga, you’ll learn how to connect to your body on a level you’ve never experienced before. You’ll feel more in control as you approach childbirth and continue to thrive once your little one has arrived!

Spoiled Yogi

Spoiled Yogi owner Erica takes pride in helping pregnant and postpartum mamas love their lives, embrace their bodies, and manage stress, all while finding a healthy life balance. She empowers women to take better care of themselves and prioritize their wellness through meditation, self-care, and community (and, of course, a little bit of humor.) Her goal is to help you ditch the mom guilt and treat yourself with love and care you deserve. 

All of Spoiled Yogi’s classes are virtual, meaning you can participate from wherever is comfortable and convenient for you. Their 4-week series will help you learn how to manage stress, gain strength, “make room for your growing belly,” and connect with your baby. You’ll learn and practice strategies for coping with pain and discomfort throughout pregnancy and childbirth while interacting with a community of other pregnant mamas from around the world – one of the perks of a virtual class!

A mother to be stands in a studio in a long puffy black maternity gown with one leg popped in front of her prenatal yoga charleston

Doulacare Charleston

At Doulacare Charleston, prenatal yoga is just one service owner Sabine Baker offers. As a birth and prenatal doula, Sabine is no stranger to the needs of new and pregnant mamas. She has devoted her career to helping empower women to make decisions for themselves and feel safe, supported, and nurtured. In her prenatal yoga classes, Sabine creates space for moms to slow down, stretch and strengthen muscles, and build flexibility. 

The spiritual aspect of prenatal yoga helps stressed mamas reconnect with themselves, bringing focus back to their intuition and sense of wellness. Additionally, Sabine offers private one-hour yoga sessions for moms facing an unexpected induction to help deal with added stress, recalibrate emotions, and refocus their breath and intention so they can head into their birth experience with a clear mind and open heart.

Prenatal Yoga Charleston

Prenatal yoga is an easy way to practice self-care as a pregnant mama. Even if you don’t consider yourself a yogi, hit the mat at one of these classes for prenatal yoga in Charleston and give it a try; your body, spirit, and baby just may thank you.

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