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Customize Your Birthing Journey With MUSC Birthing Center

mother to be lays across the floor of a studio holding flowers to cover her breasts wearing a gold tiara MUSC birthing center

There’s a lot to consider while choosing your birthing center. Most hospitals don’t tend to treat birth like a natural occurrence. The process can be rushed and clinical, and the entire experience can be a little disorienting. The right center will take their time throughout your appointments, make sure your voice is heard, and listen to you regarding your birth plan. This is one of the many things that sets the MUSC Birthing Center apart. The center offers collaborative care and makes sure you have options when it comes to your delivery. 

About MUSC Birthing Center

Medical University of South Carolina is the oldest medical school in the South. Founded in 1824, the center has always been on the cutting edge of innovation. The health system throughout the university has 14 different hospitals with over 25,000 team members. What’s more, the system offers compassionate care for a wide variety of specialties. Recently, they’ve focused on improving women’s health care. On top of their hospital locations, the practice rolled out a new Women’s Pavilion in 2020. 

Mother to be stands in a studio wearing a white maternity gown while holding her bump


MUSC has over 40 physicians you can use throughout your pregnancy. The center has locations all over Lowcountry. Their Women’s Pavilion is a quality center that prioritizes your experiences throughout pregnancy. Their rooms are beautiful and comfortable. The site has 36 mother/baby antepartum rooms and seven couplet rooms where you can recover alongside your newborn. The center offers collaborative care between OBs and certified nurse midwives, allowing you to have a completely unmedicated birth. They’re also experts at navigating high-risk pregnancies and offer fantastic children’s care to improve your baby’s outcome. The hospital puts a particular emphasis on being baby friendly. After delivery, you can nurse your baby. You’ll have your baby by your side 24 hours a day and be given resources to help you start your nursing journey. 

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On top of its unparalleled care center, MUSC offers a long list of resources to help you navigate pregnancy and parenthood. They offer CenteringPregnancy, a group for mothers with similar due dates. These meetings will focus on creating emotional support and discussing common pregnancy symptoms and experiences. Also, you’ll be allowed to ask questions and talk through different scenarios. Additionally, MUSC offers Listening to Women, a telehealth service supporting the postpartum period. Listening to Women allows you to chat with a nurse and access various community resources. 

MUSC Birthing Center

Finding the right center for your delivery can be difficult. Still, with MUSC Birthing Center, you’ll have access to a long list of physicians ready to accommodate your birth plan. 

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