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Charleston Doulas for Pregnancy Support and Guidance

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Doulas are some of the best people in the world. Pregnancy and childbirth can feel monumental to experience without much help. Not only are you constantly dealing with the weirdest symptoms known to humankind, but you’re also trying to plan for a million things while your hormones are having a field day. It can be a lot. Charleston doulas are professionals who will be there for the emotional and mental side of things so you can focus on managing the constant wave of heartburn while navigating endless amounts of information. If you’ve been searching for the best help, I would love to introduce you to your new best friend, Professional Doulas of Charleston. 

About the Charleston Doulas

Professional Doulas of Charleston was founded in 2003 to provide superb support to new parents across the city. The group comprises individual doulas who have spent years developing unparalleled experience. The network has several different birth and postpartum doulas, so you can have the perfect match for your family that aligns with your philosophies. On top of their support, many of the doulas provide other specialties to ensure all of your bases are covered!

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A doula is an expert who will provide advice and help for every part of pregnancy. At Professional Doulas of Charleston, you can find both birth and postpartum doulas. Birth doulas will be there up until the first weeks following childbirth. At first, they will talk to you about symptoms and offer herbal remedies. They will help you create a birth plan as you get closer to labor and work with you to ensure you can stick to it! Throughout your birth, they’ll be by your side, providing the room with a calm presence and giving you advice regarding natural pain relief. Following delivery, you can ask them questions regarding feeding and recovery. They’ll check to ensure you adjust well before leaving their services. 

This is where additional postpartum doulas step in! Your postpartum doula will be there to check on your mental health and screen you for any symptoms of postpartum depression. They’ll help you troubleshoot any breastfeeding issues. They’ll also be there for basic needs. They can help you run errands, clean the house, or prep meals. These saints will watch your baby, so you can get a solid chunk of sleep and finally feel refreshed! Having a doula makes the whole process of growing a baby a little more manageable. 


The doulas have strived to work with Charleston mothers to build a community for new moms adjusting to life with a little one. You can find their doulas all across the city, leading groups that offer support, such as Postpartum Support Charleston and Circle Moms. 

On top of their fantastic support services, many of the doulas provide specialties you won’t find anywhere else. They offer birth tub rentals, essential oil consultations, sacred belly binding, mental health support systems, herbology, prenatal yoga classes, and much more! 

Charleston Doulas

Suppose you’re looking for a support system for pregnancy and postpartum life. In that case, it’s time to talk to the Professional Doulas of Charleston! As expert Charleston doulas, you’ll feel empowered for this next season. 

As a maternity and newborn photographer, I’m here for your family’s needs. From local recommendations to gorgeous portraits, I do it all! Contact me today to find out more. For more motherhood resources in Charleston, check out the blog links below.

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