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Charleston Birth Place for an Ideal Birth Experience

Mother to be stands in a studio with a long flowing gold dress

Your baby’s birth is something exceptional and unforgettable. It only makes sense for you to feel special and supported. That happens in a space where you can labor and birth in confidence. From a fantastic staff to the space you birth in, Charleston Birth Place is an attractive option for your ideal birthing space. 

About Charleston Birth Place 

Lesley Rathburn, FNP, CNM, and owner/director, started her childbirth journey in a hospital. She loved helping bring babies into the world but was unhappy doing medically structured births in the hospital. She thought mothers in the community should have more options and resources to be a part of the decision-making for their bodies and families. At this point, Lesley knew if she wanted others to have that, she needed to get back into Midwifery and create her title and team to bring this dream to life. In 2008, she successfully opened Charleston Birth Place. Altogether, they have delivered over 3,000 babies since opening their doors.

They are proud to be the only freestanding birth center in their community. Over the years, her excellent, well-trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate team has grown immensely. That has led them to their most recent, larger, and updated facility to make your birthing experience as beautiful, calm, relaxing, and supported as possible.

Mother to bee wearing gold dress and headpiece stands in a studio holding flowers charleston birth place


At Charlestons birthplace, they provide excellent and personalized care. 

With every service they offer, they provide for your healthy and low-risk pregnancy and birth. They offer an excellent opportunity to birth in comfort. That includes upgraded, calm, and relaxing birthing suites that partner with their hospital for seamless care. When it comes to women’s healthcare, they provide exceptional Women’s wellness, from annual exams to family planning and preconception.

They also provide midwifery care, where you can expect supportive and individualized prenatal care. They strive to build a trusting relationship while answering questions and providing information to build your confidence. When it comes to water birth, they know the relief water can provide during labor and delivery. Furthermore, their midwives are certified in water birth from Water Birth International. That helps aid you as you labor and give birth in their luxurious tubs. Finally, they offer lactation services with compassionate support and guidance for your breastfeeding journey.


At Charleston’s birthplace, you determine every choice regarding your pregnancy, labor, and birth. They strive to provide you with comprehensive, compassionate, and customized care through communication with you along the way. Furthermore, they aim to be an asset to your beautiful and empowering journey as you lead the way. They respect all birthing paths and what is best for Mom and her baby.

Mother to be stands in a studio wearing a black maternity gown charleston birth place

Charleston Birth Place

From the beginning of your pregnancy to the anticipated day your sweet baby arrives, Charleston Birth Place has every aspect covered. Take control of your beautiful journey and have the birthing experience you want. Visit their website for more great information on their staff and services.

For more helpful Charleston motherhood tips and work from my portfolio, check out the blog links below! But before you go, let’s chat about your dream session! 

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