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Brooke Embry

Motherhood: Fine Art Style

Motherhood is exhausting.

Motherhood is beautiful.

Motherhood is messy.

Motherhood is a complete whirlwind of trying not to lose yourself while still being the best mother you can be to these tiny humans you’ve created.

The sad thing about motherhood and all of the emotions that come along with it, is time. Time is a thief. Before you know it, your babies are starting kindergarten, heading to their first school dance, begging for their first cell phone, learning to drive, and applying to colleges. We find ourselves yearning for their once tiny little toes or their “smell” that only you could smell while snuggling close. While we cannot bottle up their sweetest little baby features, we can capture them in a photograph.

The eyes that sparkle, their gummy little smile, their chubby fingers and toes – all of their precious details in a photo!

While it’s important to document our constantly changing babies, it’s just as important to document YOU in this season of life too, momma’! I get it, you probably live in yoga pants and a t-shirt these days. Who doesn’t?! With our experience, our client closet of gowns and fabrics, and some music, we will photograph you and your children during this season of life in a fine art style that is sure to be cherished forever!

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