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Top 5 Reasons to Book a Studio Maternity Session

Fine Art Studio Maternity Photo with Red flying fabric

Being pregnant is truly an amazing thing. I mean, when you think about it, our bodies make a whole new human being in 9 short months. How amazing is that?! Being a maternity photographer in the Charleston, South Carolina area, I come across so many women who contemplate whether or not they even want a maternity photography session because they feel insecure in their new skin. I get it…you’re constantly tired, the number on the scale is higher and higher every time you check in with your OBGYN, and you can no longer tie that hair tie around the button on your pants and have to wear actual maternity clothes.

The truth is though, that YOU, in all of your pregnant glory, are a complete goddess. Being pregnant without confidence is not who you are. You are still the stunning woman that you were before you were pregnant and I am here to help you not only remember that – but embrace it!

So why should you book a studio maternity session with Belly to Baby Photography in Charleston, South Carolina? I’ll tell you why…

Charleston Maternity with Flowers and flying fabric
Top 5 Reasons to Book a Studio Maternity Session | Charleston, SC

As a reminder. A reminder that YOU are beautiful inside and out. This pregnancy bump does not define you and you are still the sexy woman that you were before pregnancy.

An excuse to get pampered. Before you even step in front of the camera, we have a hair and make up artist come on site and meet us at the studio where they will do your hair and make up. This is our treat for you as we feel having professional hair and make up, paired with Brooke’s expertise in posing and lighting, will help you feel confident enough to unleash that inner goddess in front of the camera!

To play dress up! (…or dress down *pun intended*) What woman doesn’t love an afternoon of playing dress up?! Our client closet includes a variety of couture gowns, crop tops, throwing fabrics and accessories for you to play with during your session. My assistant and I will help guide you in the looks we feel will compliment your shape and bump the best!

To document your bump! This is easily the most important reasons to plan your studio maternity session with Belly to Baby Photography. With years of experience in photographing ONLY maternity and newborn babies, we are extremely knowledgable in posing different angles that are flattering to your body’s growing baby bump. The images we create together, that you will be SURE to love, will be something that you truly enjoy looking back on for many years.

During our initial phone call, you will be a part of planning what you would like to see in your images. Do you have a super creative image you came across on Pinterest that you would like to re-create with our own personal touches? Share it with us! We will never copy another creative photographer’s image (…because that’s not cool) but we can certainly use it for inspiration and to create something truly unique for your images.

Convenience, comfort, and privacy. When booking an outdoor session there are so many things I simply cannot control (…hello Mother Nature!) Lighting and weather are the biggest two factors! …and the BUGS! I definitely cannot forget about the bugs. When you book your session in studio, your environment is guaranteed to be private and comfortable with no possibilities of inclement weather putting a damper on our plans and causing us to reschedule. Privacy is another huge bonus! This allows us to show as much skin that you’re comfortable with and also allows for ample outfit changes.

Ready to learn more about a maternity photography session experience with Belly to Baby?! Click here to get in touch today! We would love to talk about your creative visions for your session. Want to get in touch with us asap?! Give us a call! 843.972.7229 – we can’t wait to speak with you!

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